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Leaving the conventional paper documentation  behind - Introducing a modern electronic document management system

The electronic document management software "Auto-Q-Manager" developed by our subsidiary company  ACE Consulting & Engineering GmbH is an optimal instrument for the paperless handling, management and versioning of all authorized QM-documents and has been used successfully at our company since 1998.

All steps typically involved in QM such as the creation, revision, checking and release of documents are represented in an email workflow chart, so that long official channels can be avoided and the documentation can be kept at an up-to-date state. The time-consuming revision of documents and the acknowledgement of the revised version of the manual by the employees are easily managed by the AQM.

The Auto-Q-Manager can not only be used for the handling of QM-relevant documents but can even be expanded to an enlarged document management system. At A.S.S. Elektronik GmbH numerous matters like work safety instructions or guidelines for environmental protection as well as product files and customer specifications  (e.g. QS specifications or guidelines for risk and security management) are handled via the AQM software in form of separate manuals or additional process structures.

  • Paperless electronic document management
  • Revision-safe
  • HTML release of the valid version of the QM manual makes access to authorized documents possible from every work place equipped with a browser 
  • Process orientation is reflected in the structure of the  documentation
  • Workflows (testing or  release processes) via email
  • All document formats can be implemented